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What Material Is Polyester Carpet? Advantages And Disadvantages Of Polyester Rugs

What material is polyester carpet? Advantages and disadvantages of polyester rugs

What material is polyester carpet, advantages and disadvantages of polyester carpet, polyester carpet is a kind of carpet, also known as PET polyester carpet, is a kind of carpet woven from polyester yarn, and polyester yarn is a kind of synthetic fiber, it is a kind of carpet. A man-made fiber, usually made from a variety of materials through special processes. It has high softness and rich color gradation. Polyester carpets have relatively high fade resistance, can be dyed naturally, have average elasticity, and are relatively wear-resistant. Commonly used in various commercial buildings, offices, factories and homes.

Advantages of polyester rugs

1. High strength and good heat resistance, the carpet is not easily deformed when used, and is more durable, heat-resistant and wear-resistant.

2. The surface is relatively smooth and the light resistance is better, except that it is worse than acrylic fiber, and the light resistance is better than that of natural fiber fabrics. Especially the light fastness behind the glass is very good.

3. Resistant to various chemicals, acid and alkali, not afraid of mold and insects.

4. Easy to clean.

5. Tear resistance: no need for reinforcement, natural tear resistance, significant wind resistance, and can withstand frequent use.

6. Good flatness.

Disadvantages of polyester rugs

1. Poor dyeability.

2. Poor hygroscopicity, easy to carry static electricity, not resistant to dirt.

3. Poor melting resistance, easy to form holes in case of soot, sparks, etc.

Each type of rug has advantages and disadvantages. Consumers need to pay attention to their actual needs and sizes when purchasing polyester carpets to avoid waste.



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