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What Kind Of Yarn Is Generally Used For Carpet Yarn

The carpet fiber widely used in carpet yarns on the market is nylon; more than 90% of carpets are nylon carpets.

The jute yarns sold by Shandong Yingjie Textile Co., Ltd. are all selected from high-quality Bangladeshi jute, general-purpose yarn, singeing yarn, and sizing yarn, and are produced by advanced production technology. The yarn is even and uniform, suitable for woven carpets such as Wilton and Akmin.

There are also cotton yarns for carpets, which are made of cotton, polyester-cotton and other materials. It is suitable for hand-woven and machine-woven pure wool carpets to meet the needs of high-end places such as hotels and homes. Large bales of cotton wefts are made of 10-count polyester-cotton blended yarn, double twisted, with good strength and high uniformity. 10 pieces of 6 strands, 9 strands, 12 strands, 15 strands, large rolls, each roll can reach 5 kg, reducing the frequency of yarn change, suitable for woven and handmade carpets.



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